TAVI at CSI Frankfurt
June 26-29, Frankfurt, Germany

Boston Scientific announced earlier this week that they have received U.S. FDA approval for the LOTUS EdgeTM Aortic Valve System. It is the only FDA approved aortic valve that gives the option to reposition and completely recapture the valve once it has been fully deployed. It also features a braided valve frame and an adaptive seal that minimizes paravalvular regurgitation or leaking (PVL) by conforming to the patient's native aortic valve. The launch of the device in Europe earlier this year is just one of the many developments in the field of transcatheter aortic valve implantation. In recent years TAVI has become the most common structural intervention in adult cardiology, with annual numbers surpassing the number of conventional aortic valve replacements in many countries.

CSI 2019 will feature a comprehensive TAVI workshop on Thursday, June 27. The program will include a review of the role of TAVI for treatment of aortic valve disease and will provide an overview of available technologies in an interactive setting. We will also discuss clinical and technical challenges: bicuspid aortic valves, asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis, moderate aortic stenosis in the setting of a reduced left ventricular systolic function, severe aortic stenosis in low surgical risk patients, pure aortic regurgitation, cerebral protection and how to deal with complications. 

The CSI program will feature live transmissions from all over the world and TAVI experts such as Lars Sondergaard, Jan Kovac, Stefan Bertog, Yujie Zhou and Guilherme Attizzani will showcase their skills and share their tips and tricks with attendees.

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LEarn all you need to know about other valvular interventions

Transcatheter valvular interventions will feature in a number of extended Focus Workshops at CSI Frankfurt. Join our expert faculty from all over the world to get a comprehensive overview of: 

Wednesday, June 26

Paravalvular leak closure

Wednesday, June 26

Mitral valve interventions

Thursday, June 27


Thursday, June 27

Tricuspid valve interventions

Friday, June 28

Pulmonary valve interventions


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Friday, 16:35 - 18:30

The highlights of the year in valvular interventions will be discussed by a panel of experts in an interactive setting, accompanied by live transmissions. We will discuss trials, first-in-mans, studies, approvals and other recent events in the field of valvular heart disease interventions. Our panel of experts will chose the events that have had or will have the biggest impact in the field, on daily practice and/or on patients’ health and outlook. 


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