CSI UP D A TE Sess i ons wh i ch gi v e upd a tes on cur r e n t i ssues, r ece n t stud i es, n e w o r upcom i ng d e v i ces. CSI BO O T C AMP Step- b y - s tep sess i ons wh i ch p r o vide i n s truct i ons on h o w to do the p r ocedu r e, e . g. i mag i ng, s i z i ng, access, s tep- b y - s te p , cur r e n t a v ailable d e v i ces, and postp r ocedu r al ca r e. CSI C A THLAB C AFE A ser i es o f mode r a ted i n te r acti v e sess i ons i n a casual and fr i endl y s e tt i ng wh i ch i nclude challeng i ng cases p r esen - ted b y k e y op i n i on leaders f r om the CSI f acult y and ab s t r act / case submitters. CSI W OR K SHOP I n te r acti v e and p r act i cal sess i ons led b y e xper i enced CSI f acult y , whe r e a ttendees will r ecei v e hand s -on i n s truct i ons. * We are continuously developing the program. Session titles and times are subject to change. (version: 22.07.21) Saturday, January 28 Cathlab café PFO: update Fetal interventions: bootcamp Mitral valve interventions: cathlab café Fishing session / transseptal puncture workshop Tricuspid valve interventions: update PFO: bootcamp Fetal interventions: cathlab café Lunch break Coarctation: update Tricuspid valve interventions: bootcamp PFO: cathlab café Fishing session / transseptal puncture workshop Mitral valve interventions: update Coarctation: bootcamp Tricuspid valve interventions: cathlab café Sinus venosus ASD closure: update Mitral valve interventions: bootcamp Coarctation: cathlab café Heart dissection workshop LIVE theatre Friday, January 27 CSI UPDATE CSI BOOTCAMP CSI CATHLAB CAFE CSI WORKSHOP Cathlab café Congress opening ASD: update PDA occlusion in ELBW infants: bootcamp Lunch break TAVR: update ASD: bootcamp PDA: cathlab café PPVI: update TAVR: bootcamp ASD: cathlab café ETOH ablation in HCM & misc SHD interventions: update PPVI: bootcamp TAVR: cathlab café LIVE theatre Sunday, January 29 LIVE theatre Paravalvar leak closure: update VSD closure: bootcamp LAA: cathlab café LAA: update Paravalvar leak closure: bootcamp VSD closure: cathlab café Lunch break Heart failure: update LAA: bootcamp Paravalvar leak closure: cathlab café Cathlab café