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Catheter interventions in congenital, structural and valvular heat diseases and heart failure


Dear Colleagues,

CSI America provides a comprehensive overview of major topics in catheter therapy of congenital, structural and valvular heart disease and heart failure. Our scien­tific program is designed by an international group of experts with the objective to meet the needs of adult and pediatric interventional cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, anesthesiologists, imaging specialists, nurses, technicians, and any other medical specialists involved in these procedures. 

In a friendly, interactive and hands-on environment participants get the opportunity to explore live cases, lectures from key opinion leaders and experts, small dedicated workshops, simulator demonstrations, heart dissection workshops. Our impactful educational program focuses on maximizing engaging interactions, in-depth discussions, and networking opportunities for all participants, as well as improving your daily practice through case-based learning.

In the meantime, we will stay in touch virtually with our 100% live and interactive webinar series and the recordings of CSI America 2021 on CSI on-demand platform. For more information, visit CSI Virtual.

We look forward to meeting you in Orlando, USA next year, November 15 - 17, 2023.

Yours sincerely,

Horst Sievert
Sir Shakeel A. Qureshi

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All recordings of CSI America 2021 are available now on CSI on-demand platform. We hope you enjoy the expert presentations.

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"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your team at the meeting in Denver. All the girls were SUPER professional, helpful and organised.
If I’m allowed to say it I was really proud of them and I think they are a very big part of the show."

John Thomson, Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, USA


“It was a great pleasure to see you in Denver. I thought that the meeting was really superb. Congratulations on it.”

David Holmes, Mayo Clinic
Rochester, USA


“The cath lab café sessions were very good – I think they should be incorporated more into the meeting proper.”

Howard C. Herrmann, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, USA


“It was an excellent meeting and, absolutely, I hope to return to CSI Denver next year.

Really liked the set-up for the panelists/moderators (non-elevated "living room stage" rather than the elevated less personal set-up we see in many other conferences). Cannot think of anything specific that should be improved. What came to my attention during the heart dissection and hands-on device simulation session (which was really well attended) is to include a wet lab where attendees can learn how to snare devices such as interatrial septal/PFO/LAA occluders and misplaced coils (this is something that many fellows will not see during their fellowship).

Absolutely, the Cath Lab cafe and bootcamp sessions were very good.”

Stefan Bertog, Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Minneapolis, USA


“It was my honor to be there. I absolutely loved the interaction.”

Vinod Thourani, Piedmont Heart Institute
Georgia, USA


“Well, that was a very enjoyable meeting all round. Thank you for including me.
The Cath lab cafes are a great idea - they were nicely interactive and the relatively small group concept was not intimidating or threatening for those presenting cases where things did not go to plan or resulted in a complication. This format encouraged interactive comments.

I thought the split between structural and congenital was perfect. The AV setup was flawless.
It was clear that the University of Colorado faculty worked very hard on both sides of the programme and that was acknowledged around the coffee and lunch breaks by many others. Respect.

Live cases outstanding, fireworks, flowers, and chocolate for the CHCO team.
I didn't 'poll' people directly but had several comments as to how there was a 'bit of a buzz' around the meeting. Maybe because it was a sort of 'welcome back to proper conferencing' reaction but nevertheless if the programme and speaker performance hadn't been good I don't think we'd have had those comments. The overall 'feedback' which I came across informally was extremely positive.”

Neil Wilson, Oxford, UK


“Thank you very much for the wonderful congress experience at CSI 2021 in Denver; the organisation has been extraordinary, I had a wonderful time, and meeting you was a pleasure! 
Thank you again for your wonderful organisation and the excellent support throughout the process and I hope to see you again sometime at one of the other CSI events!”

Sebastian Feickert, Vivantes Klinikum
Berlin, Germany


“Great meeting at CSI America… 
I enjoyed the presentation and discussions accordingly…
Let’s continue the work with all of is at CSI”

Maurice Buchbinder, Foundation for Cardiovascular Medicine
San Diego, USA


“Happy to have participated.”

Jacqueline Lau, Esaote
North America, USA