19 June 2020

PFO before, during and after COVID-19

Moderator: Horst Sievert
Panelists: Iqbal Malik, Bernhard Meier, John Carroll, Christian Pristipino, Bushra Rana,
Stefan Bertog, Matthew Daniels, Kolja Sievert, Magnus Settergren, Brian Clapp

5 June 2020 

COVID-19 and congenital, structural and valvar heart disease interventions

Moderator: Shakeel Qureshi
Panelists: Horst Sievert, Simona Marcora, Heinz-Peter Schultheiss, Keyhan Sayadpour, Mario Carminati
Q&A facilitator: Sameer Gafoor, Kolja Sievert

2 May 2020 

COVID-19 exit strategies: Personal perspectives from Italy and China

Moderator: Shakeel Qureshi, Horst Sievert
Panelists: Jian'an Wang,Bernhard Reimers

16 April 2020 

COVID-19: Personal perspectives from USA and Iran

Moderator: Shakeel Qureshi, Horst Sievert
Panelists: Behzad Alizadeh, Martin Leon, Eberhard Grube, Stefan Bertog

28 March 2020 

COVID-19: Personal perspectives from Wuhan

Moderator: Bernhard Reimers, Horst Sievert
Panelists: Dong Nianguo, Xia Jiangyong, Chen Si

24 March 2020 

COVID-19: Personal perspectives from Italy

Moderator: Horst Sievert
Panelists: Bernhard Reimers, Damiano Regazzoli, Pier Pasquale Leone


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