DEVELOPED BY: Kothandam Sivakumar, Iqbal Malik, Eric Eeckhout & Burkhard Mackensen

Paravalvar leak occurs after both surgical and transcatheter valve replacement/implantation. It affects all valves and can lead to haemolysis, heart failure and may increase the risk of endocarditis. Understanding the role of multimodality imaging in defining the complex anatomy, position and size of the defect is an essential part of procedural success. Defect location and shape can present challenges to crossing the defect and demands an appreciation of techniques. In particular, pre-procedure planning for access route is useful to improve procedure success and further optimise outcomes. Recently, dedicated devices had been developed and got approval.

CSI Focus Paravavar leaks will cover topical issues for clinicians including multimodality imaging and procedural planning for mitral, aortic and right heart paravalvar leaks. We will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of available devices as well as an approach with multiple devices.

The program will include lectures from leading experts, debates, challenging case presentations, live case transmissions, case based discussions exploring potential complications and closure of unusual paravalvar leaks with tips and tricks from experienced operators.

Invited speakers: Vinayak Bapat, Nilesh Sutaria, Derek Chin, Gianluca Lucchese, Alessandro Viviano, Nina Wunderlich, David Hildick-Smith, Neil Ruparelia, Kolja Sievert, Grzegorz Smolka, David Northridge & Bushra Rana

Mitral paravalvar leaks
Live case transmission: Mitral PVL
Why do paravalvar mitral leaks occur? A surgeon perspective
Did the predischarge echo miss the paravalvar leak?

Transesophageal and CT description of mitral PVL

Transseptal access for mitral PVL closure: how to image and where to puncture

Hybrid surgical transapical access for PVL closure

Percutaneous transapical access

 Post-surgical aortic paravalvar leaks
Live case transmission
Why do paravalvar aortic leaks occur? A surgeon perspective
Did the predischarge echo miss the paravalvar leak?
Transesophageal and CT description of aortic PVL
Technical tips and tricks particular for aortic PVL
Post TAVI leaks – when not to close
Post TAVI leaks – how to close
Devices, complications and imaging master class
Live case transmission
Different devices? How to choose?
•    Embolization
•    Hemolysis
•    Prosthetic valve dysfunction
Imaging master class
•    TOE to assess mitral PVL
•    TOE to assess aortic PVL


This workshop is part of CSI Frankfurt 2023, the leading conference on catheter interventions in congenital, structural and valvar heart disease and heart failure, which will take place June 28 - July 1, 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Drop in for the day, or join us for the full 4-day program providing a comprehensive overview of the field presented by experts and key opinion leaders from all over the world.