CSI Focus Workshop

tricuspid valve INTERVENTIONS

WEDNESDAY, june 22, 2022

Dive into this three-part session on tricuspid valve interventions to learn all about tricuspid valve anatomy, up and coming novel device therapies, and nuts and bolts of developing a right heart failure program.

Participants will leave this three-part session learning (1) from leading experts on the imaging knobology, training/tools, and pathophysiology driven anatomy structural heart teams require for building a successful right heart imaging program, (2) to appreciate changes in right heart device selection for “tricuspid” interventions to improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment of tricuspid regurgitation, and (3) from established multi-disciplinary heart teams up and coming strategies to building and growing a tricuspid program 

We look forward to seeing you at CSI Focus Tricuspid valve interventions in Frankfurt on June 22, and hope you will also join us for the entire program June 22-25 featuring a wide array of topics in the field of congenital, structural and valvar heart disease interventions.

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This workshop is part of CSI Frankfurt 2022, the leading conference on catheter interventions in congenital, structural and valvar heart disease and heart failure, which will take place June 22-25, 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. Drop in for the day, or join us for the full 4-day program providing a comprehensive overview of the field presented by experts and key opinion leaders from all over the world.