Friday, December 3, 2021


Cathlab café & Breakfast in the industry exhibition

07:00 - 08:30  |  Exhibition AREA

  • Group 1: Virtual Reality and 3D printing applications in the Cath Lab
  • Group 2: Coarctation of the aorta
  • Group 3: Percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement
  • Group 4: TAVI
  • Group 5: Mitral and tricuspid valve interventions + paravalvar leaks

Opening and introduction

08:30 - 10:40  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators: John Carroll, Gareth Morgan
Panelists: Shakeel Qureshi, Eberhard Grube, John Messenger, Neil Wilson
Facilitator: Horst Sievert

Welcome >> John Carroll & Gareth Morgan

Oration for Dom Wiktor and his vision of collaborations >> Neil Wilson

The main components of a SHD/VHD/ACHD program:

  • Your program's structure: building multidisciplinary teams >> John Carroll
  • Key components of the procedure room for SHD interventions >> John Messenger
  • Quality assessment and quality improvement program >> David Holmes


COVID: current and long-term lessons learned by the cardiovascular community: rapid-fire review >> Panel discussion


Keynote lecture - “Upstream” management of valvular heart disease: focus on aortic stenosis >> Martin Leon


What’s new?

  • Dual-mode ultrasound ablation for renal denervation >> Ran Sela
  • Liwen procedure for hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy >> Liwen Liu
  • What’s new? - FIM with real-time 4D holographic therapy guidance for structural interventions >> Jacob Dutcher


LAA (live in a box)

11:05 - 13:35  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators: John Carroll, David Holmes
Panelists: Megan Coylewright, Maurice Buchbinder, Jacob Dutcher
Facilitator: Matthew Price

Live in a box case from the Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute: LAA closure with the Amulet  >> Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy

Case studies in patients who may or may not be suitable for LAAO: overview of the spectrum of cases you will see in your LAAO clinic >> Matthew Price

The latest registry and clinical trial data on LAAO >> Jacqueline Saw

Avoiding complications but if they do occur how to manage them >> David Holmes


The value of FEops HEARTguide as a new preoperative support in LAAo  >> Jacqueline Saw


  • CT is needed and here is why >> Torsten Vahl 
  • CT is not needed and here is why >> Horst Sievert


Indications for ablation before during or after LAA closure >> Randall Lee

Epicardial approaches for LAAO >> Vivek Reddy

New LAA devices on the horizon >> Horst Sievert

Hormonal and metabolic effects of LAA closure >> Krzysztof Bartus


Interatrial septum interventions

11:05 - 13:35  |  Lecture room 2

Moderators: Darren Bermann, Allison Cabalka
Panelists: Joseph Kay, Ryan Leahy, Eimear McGovern, Michael Shorofsky
Facilitator: Vivian Dimas

Comparative effectiveness of different closure devices

  • Cardioform >> Athar Qureshi
  • Amplatzer >> Daniel Levi
  • Occlutech >> Gareth Morgan


Next generation: bioresorbable devices >> Martin Bocks


Management of pre-procedure issues in adults >> Joseph Kay

Basic image guidance: ICE versus TEE >> Robert Quaife

Complex cases: pre-procedure imaging and advanced image guidance >> Andreea Dragulescu 

Procedural tips and tricks in complex ASD cases >> Zahid Amin


Accessing the left atrium. Targeted perforation of the atrial septum using novel imaging (3D ICE and ECHONAV) >> Pei-Ni Jone


Debate: should we use fenestrated ASD devices in PH?   

  • Pro >> Dunbar Ivy
  • Con >> Juan Pablo Sandoval


Debate: should we use fenestrated devices in left heart failure?

  • Pro >> Joseph Vettukattil
  • Con >> Frank Ing



Mitral valve interventions (live in a box)

13:50 – 16:15  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators: Michael Mack, Eberhard Grube
Panelists: Adam Greenbaum, John Carroll, Sanjay Mehta
Facilitator: Stefan Bertog

Live in a box case from the University of Colorado Hospital: Mitral intervention >> Aken Desai & John Carroll

Overview of mitral repair technologies: approved and in pivotal trials >> Scott Lim

Overview of mitral replacement technologies: approved and in pivotal trials >> Howard Herrmann

Image guidance of mitral interventions: tips and tricks >> Robert Quaife

fMR: heart failure specialist perspectives on lessons learned from mitral interventions trials >> Andreas Brieke

Insights from the STS-ACC TVT registry on MitraClip in the US >> Michael Mack

Treating MAC related mitral stenosis: TMVR, balloon valvuloplasty or surgical implantation of a TAVR valve? >> Danny Dvir

Treating mitral regurgitation: patient selection and procedure using the big versus the small MitraClip >> Matthew Price

Mitral Valve-in-Valve: the basics and advanced techniques >> Dee Dee Wang

Mitral Valve-in-Ring >> Howard Herrmann


Out of the box and off the wall: OCT and AFR’s in congenital disease

13:50 – 14:50  |  Lecture room 2

Moderators: Evan Zahn, Gareth Morgan
Panelists: Athar Qureshi, Martin Bocks, Daniel Levi
Facilitator: Shabana Shahanavaz

OCT case >> Jenny Zablah

AFR case >> Jenny Zablah


Sinus venosus ASD closure

14:50 - 16:15  |  Lecture room 2

Moderators: Gareth Morgan, Shakeel Qureshi
Panelists: Darren Berman, Jenny Zablah, Eric Rosenthal
Facilitator: Horst Sievert

Imaging assessment for suitability for catheter closure >> Phuoc Duong

Evaluation in catheter laboratory for suitability >> Allison Cabalka

Role of TEE guidance during catheter closure >> Saleha Kabir

Tips and tricks for catheter closure >> Shakeel Qureshi

Catheter closure in children under 8 years of age >> Kothandam Sivakumar

Technical modifications during catheter closure  >> Eric Rosenthal

Worldwide experience of SVASD closure >> Shakeel Qureshi


PFO (live in a box)

16:45 - 18:30  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators: John Carroll, Karen Orjuela
Panelists: Jacqueline Saw, Stefan Bertog, Richard Smalling, Harsimran Sachdeva Singh
Facilitator: Joseph Kay

Live in a box case from the University of Colorado Hospital >> John Carroll & Aken Desai

Live in a box case from the Colorado Children’s Hospital >> Gareth Morgan

Which patients should be referred for PFO closure: the neurology perspective >> Karen Orjuela

Dealing with borderline indications for PFO closure? Case based >> Horst Sievert

Next generation approaches to PFO closure >> Richard Smalling

The challenging PFO anatomies and what works >> Richard Smalling

The long saga of PFO closure for migraine: light at the end of the tunnel? >> Robert Sommer


Coarctation of the aorta: neonatal to elderly

16:45 - 18:30  |  Lecture room 2

Moderators: John Thomson, Shakeel Qureshi
Panelists: Alan Nugent, Frank Ing,  Francesco Garay
Facilitator: Evan Zahn

Anatomical variations in CoA from infants to older adults >> Lorna Browne

Until what age is surgery generally preferred? >> Matthew Stone

From what age is catheter treatment preferred? >> Darren Berman

What’s next in stent therapy for coarctation? >> Daniel Levi

Balloon angioplasty as primary treatment - Really? >> Lee Benson


Debate: coarctation stenting in adults

  • This is the only way to treat! >> David Nykanen
  • Cause for caution? >> Neil Wilson
  • When to involve an aortic surgeon >> David Campbell



Saturday, December 4, 2021

Cathlab café & Breakfast in the industry exhibition

07:00 - 08:30  |  Exhibition Area

  • E-poster presentations
  • Group 1: Coarctation of the aorta
  • Group 2: PDA closure
  • Group 3: ASD closure
  • Group 4: LAA and PFO closure
  • Group 5: Interventional management of pulmonary hypertension

Common issues and conundrums

08:30 – 10:20  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators: Matthew Price, John Carroll
Panelists: Yuval Binur, Mehul Patel, Dee Dee Wang
Facilitator: Issam Moussa

Pre-procedure imaging and planning: what is cutting edge? >> Rhonda Miyasaka

Intra-procedural image guidance: available technologies you must have and skills needed >> Dee Dee Wang

Shared decision-making: how to do it and why? >> Megan Coylewright

Public database reporting: how will it work for TAVR and should our center participate? >> John Carroll

Transcatheter skills and the cardiac surgeon >> Vinod Thourani

Cardiovascular Innovations in corona time >> Yuval Binur

Implications of the LAAOS III trial – to close or not to close all LAAs >> Randall Lee

Are there still indications for SAVR? >> Joseph Cleveland



08:30 – 10:20  |  Breakout ROOM - TOWER A

Porcine heart dissection workshop with device "implantations"

Trainer: Zahid Amin
Facilitators: Frank Ing, Jacqueline Saw, Juan Pablo Sandoval, Jenny Zablah, Lee Benson, Horst Sievert

An interactive, practical and hands-on workshop on the topics:

  • ASD closure
  • VSD closure
  • LAA closure
  • PFO closure

Aortic valve interventions (live in a box)

10:50 – 13:15  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators: Adam Greenbaum, Stefan Bertog
Panelists: Saibal Kar, Danny Dvir, Pedro A. Villablanca Spinetto
Facilitator: Howard Herrmann

Live in a box case from the University of Colorado Hospital: TAVR case >> John Messenger and Aken Desai

TAVR conundrums

  • Pacemakers – my approach to assessment of risk, prevention and when to implant >> Richard Smalling
  • Stroke – my approach to assessment of risk, prevention and what to do when it occurs >> Stefan Bertog
  • Patient prosthetic mismatch – my approach to assessment of risk, prevention, and what to do when it occurs >> Howard Herrmann
  • Leaflet thickening, immobility, and valve dysfunction >> David Fullerton
  • TAVR-in-TAVR >> Eberhard Grube


When and how to fracture surgical sewing rings? >> Danny Dvir

Leaflet modification for aortic and mitral interventions: how to do it and should you learn it? >> Adam Greenbaum


TAVR debate: anticoagulation vs. antiplatelet after TAVR?

  • Anticoagulation should be given post-TAVR, like post-SAVR, except in patients with high bleeding risk. >> David Fullerton
  • There is no good evidence that anticoagulation should be routine post-TAVR >> Hasan Jilaihawi


How to deal with bicuspid valve? >> Eberhard Grube

Update on large borehole closure with PerQSeal >> Azeem Latib


Life after tetralogy repair: solutions for the dysfunctional RVOT (live case)

10:50 – 13:15  |  Lecture room 2

Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Neil Wilson
Panelists: Evan Zahn, Shabana Shahanavaz, Joseph Kay, Johannes von Alvensleben

Facilitator: John Thomson

Live transmission from the Colorado Children’s Hospital: PPVI case >> Gareth Morgan & Jenny Zablah

Optimizing multimodality image guidance for valve deployment >> Jenny Zablah


Key discriminators between different valves

  • Alterra >> Evan Zahn
  • Harmony >> Darren Berman
  • P-Valve >> Shakeel Qureshi


Beyond Harmony, Venus P and Alterra, Pulsta: what’s next? >> Jamil Aboulhosn

So, what do I do with all this? ​ >> Jeffrey Darst 


Endocarditis debate: prevention and treatment of endocarditis in PPVi

  • Engineering, substrate and technique: we can avoid it >> Shabana Shahanavaz
  • Educate, recognize and treat - it’s a necessary evil >> Jamil Aboulhosn
  • Imaging and engineering in PPVi prediction >> Nicholas Jacobson

Panel discussion  

Boot camp: SHD interventions

11:00 – 12:50  |  Breakout ROOM - TOWER A

Moderator: Horst Sievert, John Carroll
Panelists: Vinod Thourani, Rory Bricker

Basic vascular access techniques >> Ivan Casserly

Large bore sheath management: takeoffs and landings >> Issam Moussa

Different transseptal puncture techniques >> John Carroll

Axillary/subclavian, carotid, and LV apex >> Joseph Cleveland

Percutaneous access to the left ventricle by direct puncture >> Vinayak Bapat

Navigation within chambers: catheter and wire inventory review >> Ivan Casserly

Alternative percutaneous access techniques >> Daniel McLennan

Pericardiocentesis >> Rory Bricker


Boot camp: Complications

12:35 – 13:15  |  Breakout ROOM - TOWER A

Moderators: John Carroll
Panelists:  Mehul Patel, Rory Bricker

Procedure management: clots, anticoagulation, and when to call the hematologist >> John Carroll

Procedure management: common complications >> John Messenger

Procedure management: uncommon and bad complications >> Matthew Price


The most challenging cases and complications – case based learning

13:30 – 14:30  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators:  Eberhard Grube, Matthew Price
Panelists: Dee Dee Wang, John Carroll, Maurice Buchbinder
Facilitator: Shakeel Qureshi

LAA closure: tamponade… but the device looks perfect >> Saibal Kar

Periprocedural stroke during mitral valve repair >> Horst Sievert

TAVR: vascular access and complications…​ >> Stefan Bertog

TAVR induced VSD: Why and what to do? >> Issam Moussa


Industry symposium

13:30 – 14:30  |  BREAKOUT ROOM - TOWER A

Symposium: Overview of Harmony™ transcatheter valve system (supported by Medtronic)

Place: Breakout room - Tower A

Presenter: Jamil Aboulhosn

Learning objectives: You will have the opportunity to hear from a leader in adult congenital heart disease about this FDA-approved therapy for native or surgically-repaired RVOT patients. You should leave with a high-level understanding of the product and the procedure, including patient selection and the decision-making process prior to coming into the cath lab. 

New device therapies for heart failure

14:30 – 16:20  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators:  Issam Moussa, Horst Sievert
Panelists: Eberhard Grube, Stefan Bertog
Facilitator: Sebastian Feickert

CCM theory for heart failure >> Christopher Porterfield

The first in heart microcomputer for the management of HF patients – future vision >> Sebastian Feickert

Hydrogel LV augmentation improves cardiac efficiency in a porcine heart failure model ​ >> Randall Lee


The physiological rationale for interatrial shunt device as a treatment for heart failure >> Horst Sievert

Update on mechanisms of interatrial shunting:

  • Corvia IASD >> Sanjiv Shah
  • V-Wave Ventura Interatrial Shunt Device >> Kunjan Bhatt
  • Occlutech AFR >> Allison Cabalka
  • Noya >> Chaim Lotan
  • InterShunt >> Saibal Kar
  • Alleviant >> Brian Potter


Planning and sizing for PPVI (live case)

14:30 – 16:20  |  Lecture room 2

Moderators: John Thomson, Shakeel Qureshi
Panelists: Ryan Leahy, Alan Nugent, David Campbell, Johannes von Alvensleben
Facilitator: Daniel McLennan

Live transmission from the Colorado Children’s Hospital: PPVI >> Gareth Morgan

Head to head procedural planning for pulmonary valve – which software is best

  •     3Mensio >> Jenny Zablah 
  •      Elucis >> Jenny Zablah
  •      Horos / Osirix >> Gareth Morgan


Tricuspid valve interventions

16:40-18:00  |  Lecture room 1

Moderators: Saibal Kar, Horst Sievert
Panelists: Eberhard Grube, Adam Greenbaum, Susheel K. Kodali, Alok Sharma
Facilitator: Aken Desai

Case studies in tricuspid valve disease: overview of the spectrum of cases you will see in your tricuspid clinic >> Saibal Kar

  • The new world of echocardiographic assessment of TR >> Dee Dee Wang
  • Overview of tricuspid repair technologies in pivotal trials >> Adam Greenbaum
  • Overview of tricuspid replacement technologies in pivotal trials >> Vinod Thourani

Adult congenital specialist: what sort of tricuspid cases do I see? >> Joseph Kay

Dealing with Pacemaker leads in tricuspid repair and replacement >> Matthew Zipse


Surgical and interventional controversies in neonatal cardiology

16:40 - 18:00  |  Lecture room 2

Moderators: John Thomson, Shakeel Qureshi
Panelists: Shyam Sathanandam, Martin Bocks, David Campbell
Facilitator: Zahid Amin

Debate: hybrid for HLHS

  • This should be considered for high risk neonates >> Mark Galantowicz
  • This does not need to be considered   >> James Jaggers


Duct dependent tetralogy of fallot

  • Evidence for RVOT stenting >> Neil Wilson
  • Evidence for primary neonatal repair >> Glenn van Arsdell


Evidence for stenting the duct >> John Thomson


Boot camp: Imaging

16:40 - 18:00  |  Breakout ROOM - TOWER A

Moderators: John Carroll, Allison Cabalka
Panelist: Pei-Ni Jone, Robert Quaife, Rory Bricker

  • Pre-procedure CT for aortic and mitral interventions >> Robert Quaife
  • Intraprocedural echocardiography: TTE, TEE, ICE & advanced imaging >> Robert Quaife
  • Angiography >> Lee Benson
  • Fusion imaging >> Jenny Zablah