developed by: Joachim Schofer, Gry Dahle, Nicolas van Mieghem & Dee Dee Wang

Percutaneous treatment of valvular heart disease is one of the fastest developing areas in cardiology and an array of new techniques and options for mitral valve repair and replacement have become available in recent years. To master this complex field, in-depth knowledge of the latest research, emerging tools, devices and techniques is essential.

CSI Focus: Mitral Valve Interventions will begin with a look at mitral valve intervention in mitral valve stenosis, including intervention for rheumatic mitral stenosis as well as valve in mitral annular calcification. We will then discuss the increasing number of transcatheter mitral leaflet repair techniques, including the latest data, available devices, their indications for use and how they may be implanted. Next the increasing number of transcatheter mitral valve replacement techniques will be explored, with an update in the growing experience of valve in valve and valve in ring approaches as well as the new valve in native valve technologies. 

Join us for one day to attend the Mitral valve interventions workshop or you could also take advantage of the opportunity to stay for the full 4-day congress.


Invited speakers: Thomas Modine, Sameer Gafoor, Ralph Stephan von Bardeleben, Vinod Thourani, Eberhard Grube, Danny Dvir, Lenard Conradi, Scott Lim, Stefan Baldus, Shuki Porath, Kolja Sievert, Azeem Latib, Ulrich Jorde & Jeroen Bax

Advanced imaging planning of TMVR
Intro: TMVR vs TMVr, same strategy as in surgery
The importance of neo-LVOT with TMVR
Advanced CT derived simulations for TMVR
Recorded TMVR case

4D intracardiac Echo with TMVR 

Current status of fusion imaging – how does it help?
What can Holograms add?
Current landscape of TMVR
Device parade:
•    TA Tendyne, still a role?
•    Dock + valve systems
•    Large stent frames + valves
Live case transmission
•    Techniques to avoid LVOT obstruction including septal alcohol ablation and electrosurgical myectomy
•    Recorded case shortcut
Surgical prosthesis selection before TMVR
Anything but replacement, repair strategies

State of the art edge-to-edge technology overview

•    Direct annuloplasty

•    Recorded case
Indirect annuloplasty
  • Chordal therapies (DMR)
•    Recorded case: transfemoral Chordal therapies

Is moderate FMR a target in heart failure?


This workshop is part of CSI Frankfurt 2023, the leading conference on catheter interventions in congenital, structural and valvar heart disease and heart failure, which will take place June 28 - July 1, 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. 

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