Device Development Workshop and Keynote

Please join us for the Device Development Workshop at the Devices for Heart Failure Meeting!

Friday 13 December 2019 from 15:30-18:30 in the main amphitheatre

The workshop is comprised of cross-functional experts on the journey from innovative idea to viable company and/or investor exit.

Preliminary Program-- 3 Interactive, Moderated Panels

Current faculty members include:
Kathleen Marshall, MS - President, MAXIS LLC
Marie-Claude Morice, MD - CERC/ICPS
Nicolas Borenstein, DVM, PhD - Scientific Director/Founding Partner, IMMR
  Yuval Binur, PhD - Arsuf Global Partners
Jeffrey Jump, MBA - Chairman & CEO, Med Alliance SA
Glenn van Langenhove, MD, PhD, MBA - Cardiologist; CEO Fulgar Medical Systems
Florian Ludwig, PhD - Health Care Investor, Thuja Capital
David Israeli, MD - Chairman & CEO, Magenta Medical
Marcus Ferrari, MD, PhD - Helios HSK Clinic Wiesbaden
Sujith Shetty, MBBS - Executive VP, MAXIS LLC

Special keynote address
Todd Brinton MD, PhD, MBA
CSO, Edwards Lifesciences; Innovation Fellowship Program, Stanford Biodesign