CSI Focus Workshop


Friday june 28, 2019

Patent foramen ovale (PFO) can cause paradoxical embolism resulting in stroke, transient ischaemic attacks or peripheral embolism. In 2017 landmark randomized trials altered the landscape providing evidence of benefit in the secondary prevention of stroke.

Many questions and areas of debate remain: When and how should PFO’s be closed? Can we extrapolate the randomized data to wider populations than those represented in trials? Is there a role for primary closure of PFO even if a stroke hasn’t happened? Should we tailor different closure devices to different anatomy?

At CSI Focus: PFO on June 28 we will explore these issues and cover everything you need to know in this important area of structural intervention. The workshop will include imaging, closure techniques, pros and cons of different devices, live case transmissions along with debates and controversies. Take advantage of the opportunity to stay for the full 4-day congress featuring a wide range of topics in the field of congenital, structural and valvar heart disease interventions.