CSI Focus Workshop


friday june 28, 2019

The treatment of coarctation in the catheter laboratory is an important skill. Tackling these lesions successfully requires a thorough understanding of anatomy and equipment.
At CSI Focus: Coarctation our aim is to update and engage in debate on the key issues such as when to balloon and when to stent, the role of rotational and fusion imaging and changes in stent and balloon technology that may alter this procedure now and in the future.

Coarctation treatment remains a relatively risky procedure when compared with other commonly performed interventions and so a key aim of these sessions will be to engage in discussions about complications and how to make these procedures safer.

Join us at CSI Focus: Coarctation on June 28 and stay on for the full 4-day program of CSI Frankfurt, featuring a wide array of topics in the field of congenital, structural and valvar heart disease interventions.