live case transmission

As always, the program at CSI Frankfurt 2023 will feature live cases from renowned centers worldwide - a key part of the learning experience at CSI with tips and tricks to improve your clinical practice.


If you are interested in submitting cases for transmissions, please feel free to contact us.

Stay tuned to find out more about live case transmissions for CSI Frankfurt 2023!

In 2022, at the anniversary edition of CSI Frankfurt, we transmitted over 40 live cases from 17 centers around the globe that helped engagement and learning in real time.

We would like to thank all the participating live case centers for your efforts and engagement in making the event a big success!


If you missed the live cases, or if you want to watch them again, you can do so in our on-demand library:


Watch live cases



Participating institutions from CSI Frankfurt 2022:



Hospital Privado del Sur

Bahia Blanka, Argentina

Operators: Alejandro Alvarez Lorio, Adolfo Ferrero Guadagnoli


National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Cardiovascular Institute & Fu Wai Hospital

Beijing, China

Operator: Xiang-Bin Pan


Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University

Shanghai, China

Operators: Junbo Ge, Wenzhi Pan, Daxin Zhou, Yuan Zhang


MZV Prof. Mathey, Prof. Schofer

Hamburg, Germany

Operators: Joachim Schofer, Christina Brinkmann


CardioVascular Center Frankfurt CVC

Frankfurt, Germany

Operators: Horst Sievert, Pamela Ilioska-Damköhler, Saleha Kabir, Burkhard Mackensen, Sir Shakeel Qureshi, Bushra Rana, Markus Reinartz, Eric Rosenthal, Kolja Sievert, Martin Swaans,

Judith Steffan, Anja Vogel


University Hospital Mainz

Mainz, Germany

Operators: Stephan von Bardeleben, Martin Geyer, Hendrik Treede, Alexander Tamm


Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Munich, Germany

Operator: Jörg Hausleiter


Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases, the Madras Medical Mission

Chennai, India

Operator: Kothandam Sivakumar


Our Lady's Children's Hospital

Dublin, Ireland

Operators: Kevin Walsh, Damien Kenny, Philip Roberts


Erasmus Medical Center (MC)

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Operator: Nicolas van Mieghem

University Hospital of Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain
Operators: Ignacio Cruz-Gonzalez, Pablo Antunez-Muinos

Imaging specialist: Cándelas Pérez del Villar


Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, Pediatric Cardiac Center

Bangkok, Thailand

Operators: Pimpak Prachasilchai, Supaporn Roymanee, Worakan Promphan

Echocardiographers: Panthip Patrakunwiwat, Tawai Ngernsritrakul

Live case coordinator: Kanyalak Vithessonthi


Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Brighton, UK

Operators: David Hildick-Smith, Mohammed Waleed

Echocardiography: Ari Gomes


Leeds General Infirmary

Leeds, UK

Operator: James Bentham, John Thomson


Hammersmith Hospital

London, UK

Operators: Iqbal Malik, Neil Ruparelia 

TOE: Nilesh Sutaria 

Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Hospital

Minneapolis, USA

Operators: Stefan Bertog, Alok Sharma, Matthew Soule


Los Robles Regional Medical Center

Thousand Oaks, USA
Operator: Saibal Kar