Friday, November 12, 2021



Live case transmission from Cardiovascular Center Frankfurt CVC

08:00 - 08:50  |  Main room

Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Martin Bergmann
Panelists: Kevin Walsh, Mazen Albaghdadi, Lars Sondergaard
Online moderator: Dee Dee Wang


Transseptal puncture

08:50 - 10:00  |  Main room

Moderators: Habib Gamra, Martin Swaans
Panelists: Bushra Rana, Kevin Walsh, Ulf Landmesser, Karl-Heinz Kuck
Online moderator: Shakeel Qureshi

Fluoro-guided transseptal puncture  >> Habib Gamra

Echo guidance for transseptal puncture (TEE and ICE) Bushra Rana

New devices for transseptal puncture >> Randy Lee

Subxiphoid pericardial access >> Randy Lee

Challenging cases - Case presentations >> Kevin Walsh 

CT planning for transeptal puncture >> Dee Dee Wang


New imaging techniques

10:20 - 11:35  |  Main room

Moderators: Lars Sondergaard, Dee Dee Wang
Panelists: Matthew Daniels, Tom De Potter, Mazen Albaghdadi, Brian O’Neill
Online moderator: Alexander Sedaghat

New insight in LAAO preoperative planning >> Ole De Backer

Mini, micro, pediatric TEE: which one will replace traditional TEE? >> Martin Swaans

4D ICE: value proposition for application in large scale LAAO implantations >> Alok Sharma

Fusion imaging: real-world application and efficiency in clinical practice >> Alexander Sedaghat

Echo-Fluoro fusion imaging in left atrial appendage closure >> Amin Polzin

Dielectric imaging for all parts of the left atrium: ready for real-time? >> Apostolos Tzikas


Opinions on current guidelines and recent and upcoming clinical trials

11:35 - 12:55  |  Main room

Moderators: Apostolos Tzikas, Brian O’Neill
Panelists: Suneet Mittal, Karl-Heinz Kuck, Alexander Sedaghat
Online moderator: Nicolas Amabile


  • European / American / African >> Apostolos Tzikas
  • Asian / Australia >> Yat Yin Lam

Panel discussion

Recent and upcoming trials

  • PINNACLE / Champion AF / Option trial >> Shephal Doshi
  • Catalyst >> Vivek Reddy
  • LAAOS III >> Richard Whitlock
  • Amaze Trial >> Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy
  • Updates on other ongoing randomized trials >> Ulf Landmesser

Panel discussion

New indications to consider

13:25 - 14:50  |  Main room

Moderators: Ole De Backer, Martin Bergmann
Panelists: Philippe Garot, Nicolas Amabile, Christoph Hammerstingl
Online moderator: Mazen Albaghdadi

Any evidence for percutaneous LAA closure in patients with ischemic stroke under oral anticoagulation? >> Ignacio Cruz-Gonzalez

Percutaneous LAA closure in patients with a thrombus in the LAA: protective or high risk? >> Nicolas Amabile

Role of LAA in advanced forms of Atrial Fibrilation >> Suneet Mittal

Routine LAA closure in patients undergoing Afib ablation? >> Oussama Wazni

Debate: Should we combine LAA closure with other transcatheter valve therapy

  • For >> Samir Kapadia
  • Against >> Christoph Hammerstingl

LAA occlusion during cardiac surgery to prevent stroke >> Richard Whitlock

First- in- human experience with real-time 4D holographic therapy guidance as an intraprocedural tool for LAA occlusion >> Jacob Dutcher


Live case transmission from Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center

14:50 - 15:35  |  Main room

Moderators: Martin Bergmann, Achille Gaspardone
Panelists: Dabit Arzamendi, Amin Polzin, Lars Sondergaard
Online moderator: Martin Swaans


How to build and maintain a program

15:55 - 17:10  |  Main room

Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Apostolos Tzikas
Panelists: Achille Gaspardone, Yat Yin Lam, Simon Lam, Jens Erik Nielsen-Kudsk, Hidehiko Hara, Yoshifumi Nakajima
Online moderator:  Matthew Daniels

My checklist for starting a referral program >> Saibal Kar

My checklist for setting up a procedure >> Saibal Kar

My checklist for post-procedural management >> Saibal Kar

Panel discussion: international perspectives

Prevention and management of complications - case based learning

17:10 - 18:30  |  Main room

Moderators: Saibal Kar, Brian O´Neill
Panelists: Philippe Garot, Kerstin Piayda, Tom De Potter, Matthew Daniels
Online moderator: Alexander Sedaghat

Device related thrombus >> Kerstin Piayda

Tamponade… but the device looks perfect >> Saibal Kar

Residual leak >> Shephal Doshi

Transcatheter removal of failed device >> Matthew Daniels

Is the AtriClip the “bail out” LAA exclusion of choice? >> Bart van Putte



Saturday,November 13, 2021


E-poster presentations

07:00 - 08:00  |  EXHIBITION AREA

Moderators: Brian O´Neill, Jason Rogers, Bushra Rana, Karin Nentwich, Ole De Backer, Dee Dee Wang, Kevin Walsh

Live case transmission from Cardiovascular Center Frankfurt CVC

08:00 - 09:00  |  Main room

Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Christoph Hammerstingl
Panelists: Jason Rogers, Alexander Sedaghat, Lars Sondergaard
Online moderator: Ole De Backer


Newer or less frequently used devices – case-based discussion

09:00 - 10:00  |  Main room

Moderators: Thorsten Hanke, Randy Lee
Panelists: Ole de Backer, Karin Nentwich, Sergio Berti, Habib Gamra

Online moderator: Rodrigo Estévez-Loureiro

LAmbre >> Rodrigo Estévez-Loureiro

OMEGA >> Ole De Backer

Epicardial LAA exclusion in contraindicated OAC patients >> Karin Nentwich

Surgical devices >> Thorsten Hanke

Suture techniques >> Thorsten Hanke


Case based learning: step by step and tips and tricks for commonly used devices

10:20 - 12:50  |  Main room

Moderators: Randy Lee, Apostolos Tzikas
Panelists: Habib Gamra, Marek Grygier, Jan Kovac
Online moderator: Dabit Arzamendi

Watchman FLX

  • Step by step >> Marek Grygier
  • 3 different morphologies: Tips and tricks >> Jacqueline Saw
  • My most challenging case >> Sergio Berti



  • Step by step >> David Hildick-Smith
  • The new steerable sheath for the Amulet device >> Ignacio Cruz-Gonzalez
  • 3 different morphologies: Tips and tricks >> Dabit Arzamendi
  • My most challenging case >> Apostolos Tzikas



  • Step by step >> Xavier Freixa
  • LAmbre FIM in USA >> Brian O´Neill


Live case transmission from Cardiovascular Center Frankfurt CVC

13:20 - 14:20  |  Main room

Moderators: Bushra Rana, Nicolas Amabile
Panelists: Jan Kovac, Suneet Mittal, Stefan Bertog
Online moderator: Martin Swaans


Upcoming devices - keep an eye? Invest? Forget?

14:20 - 15:20  |  Main room

Moderators: Saibal Kar, Sergio Berti
Panelists: Jason Rogers, Bushra Rana, Christoph Hammerstingl, Stefan Bertog
Facilitator: Kolja Sievert

Round table discussion: What are the advantages or disadvantages of each device

  • SeaLA >> Horst Sievert
  • Endomatic >> Horst Sievert
  • Appligator >> Zachi Berger
  • Laminar >> Jason Rogers
  • Fidus LAA occluder >> Guangyuan Song


Cathlab Café 

13:20 - 15:20  |  EXHIBITION AREA


Moderators: Matthew Daniels, Marek Grygier
Presenters: Rodrigo Estevez-Loureiro, Radek Pracon, Moniek Maarse, Rodney Horton, Joelle Kefer, Carlo Briguori


Moderators: Philippe Garot, Kevin Walsh
Presenters: Ashish Mohapatra, Kerstin Piayda, Giacomo Boccuzzi, Hatem El Shahawy, Simon MacDonald, Francesco Meucci

Live case transmission from Cardiovascular Center Frankfurt CVC

15:40 - 16:25  |  MAIN ROOM

Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Dee Dee Wang
Panelists: Martin Swaans, Carsten Skurk, Philippe Garot
Online moderator: Matthew Daniels


Prevention and management of complications – case-based learning

16:25 - 18:00   |  Main room

Moderators: Shakeel Qureshi, Stefan Bertog
Panelists: Matthew Daniels, Marek Grygier, Brian O’Neill, Christoph Hammerstingl, Jan Kovac
Q&A moderator: Dee Dee Wang

Case presentations:

Surgical removal of failed device >> Gorav Ailawadi 

Misplaced device >> Iqbal Malik

Periprocedural stroke >> Horst Sievert

Thrombus on thrombus >> Apostolos Tzikas

Pulmonary artery perforation >> Marek Grygier

My most challenging case >> Carsten Skurk

Device embolization >> Kolja Sievert