CSI Focus Workshop

Pulmonary artery stenosis

WEDNESday june 26, 2019

Stenoses in the pulmonary tree both before and after surgery are some of the most commonly encountered problems in congenital heart disease. They require a wide array of techniques and equipment to successfully overcome the problem including the use of standard, high pressure and cutting balloons and stents.
We also intend to provide a comprehensive review of the current knowledge in the treatment of these lesions, a review of imaging in relation to decision making and a critical appraisal of the key questions of when, why, how and with what to manage stenoses of the pulmonary tree.

Join us at CSI Focus: PAS on June 27 and stay on for the full 4-day program of CSI Frankfurt, featuring a wide array of topics in the field of congenital, structural and valvar heart disease interventions. The program will include recorded cases.