First-in-human experience with real-time 4D holographic therapy guidance
as an intraprocedural tool for structural heart interventions.

Jacob Dutcher | Wade Schmidt | Peggy Dahl | Jennifer Humbert

When less is more: the delicate art of patent ductus arteriosus stenting

Sok-Leng Kang | Phuoc Duong

Coarctation of the aorta with aortic stenosis in a premature patient with Turner's syndrome

Carrie Herbert | Vivian Dimas

Bloated, bradycardic, and blue

Carrie Herbert | Vivian Dimas

Acute outcomes after introduction of a clinical assessment and management plan for patients
with duct dependent pulmonary circulation undergoing ductus arteriosus stenting: a pilot outcome study

Louisa Joan Go | Dexter Eugene Cheng | Olympia Malanyaon | Jose Jonas del Rosario | Edison Ty | Andrea Orel Valle

Reimplantation of a larger stent for an embolized coarctation stent in a child
post transcatheter closure of the ductus arteriosus and stenting of coarctation of the aorta

Louisa Joan Go | Dexter Eugene Cheng

Retrieval on an embolized pda device in a small child by re screwing onto the delivery cable

Louisa Joan Go | Dexter Eugene Cheng

Trans-catheter  RVOT rehabilitation in a resuscitated neonate for pulmonary atresia/intact ventricular septum.

Bhushan Kashinath Chavan | Charan Reddy | Suresh Kumar

Modified fenestrated device closure in a patient with patent ductus arteriosus and Eisenmenger syndrome

Mary Mae Catherine Yu | Louisa Joan Go | Dexter Eugene Cheng | Marc Denver Tiongson

Initial Latin American experience with the new Konar-MF occluder in congenital hearts diseases

Liliana Ferrin | Jesus Damsky Barbosa | Victorio Lucini | Teresa Escudero | Judith Ackerman

Double balloon technique for bifurcation flaring of a covered CP stent in the setting of severe coarctation of the aorta

Paul Tannous | Alan Nugent

Augmented reality visualization of 3D rotational angiography in congenital cardiac catheterization

Arash Salavitabar | Wendy Whiteside | Jeffrey Zampi

Percutaneous self expanding pulmonary valve implantation in unfavorable pulmonary branch anatomy

Liliana Ferrin | Teresa Escudero | fernando piccoli | Francisco Garay

Initial Latin American experience with the new Pulsta TPV Valve in post surgical modified RVOT.

German Henestrosa | Diego Antoni

Crumpled sheaths, device disconnection, wandering catheter tips and cut downs:
never assume an asd closure will be straightforward!

Eimear McGovern | douglas schneider

From the delivery room to the cath lab: stenting of an aortic atresia discovered during a teen pregnancy

Eimear McGovern | Douglas Schneider | Shabana Shahanavaz

Single stage device closure of large hypertensive borderline operable ducts

Bhushan Kashinath Chavan | Suresh Kumar

We're gonna need a longer stent- stenting a long, tortuous ductus arteriosus in tetralogy of fallot
and pulmonary atresia via a transvenous approach

Brian Boe | Rachel Taylor | Darren Berman

Transcatheter pulmonary valve implantation in a double barrel right ventricular outflow tract

Brian Boe | Rachel Taylor

Breaking bad- fracturing a BPV and performing ViV PPVI in a patient with PA stents

Brian Boe | Rachel Taylor

Transcatheter plug to seal delayed post-surgical large LVOT perforation causing severe MR
in a patient with adult congenital heart disease

Mehul Patel | Caroline Crocker | Keith Anderson | Michael McDonald | Gregory Fink

The baffle leak that wouldn't be tamed

Georges Ephrem | Mark Hoyer

PFO closure in the setting of device leads with thrombus

Georges Ephrem

Use of an Amplatzer Duct Occluder for portacaval shunt occlusion in a patient with hepatic encephalopathy

Samantha Gilg | Christopher Curzon | Lei Yu | Joseph McBride

Differences in structural heart intraprocedural transesophageal echocardiogram procedures
versus standard of care non-procedural hospital transesophageal echocardiograms

Abel Ignatius | James Lee | Pedro Villablanca | Sachin Parikh | Bobak Rabbani | Bryan Zweig | Tiberio Frisoli | Brian O´Neill | William O'Neill | Dee Dee Wang

Off-label edge-to-edge repair of the tricuspid valve leads to sustained improvements in echocardiographic and functional outcomes

Gregory Judson | David Blusztein | Punita Kaveti | Tobias Deuse | Hope Caughron | Atif Qasim | Kirsten Tolstrup | Vaikom Mahadevan

Successful implantation of Amplatzer PFO occluder for LAA closure in a CABG patient post LAA ligature

Chandralekha Ashangari | Seline Haci | Rodney Horton | Senthil Thambidorai

Safety and feasibility of same day discharge after TAVR, MitraClip, TMVR and Watchman implantation:
call of the pandemic or expected evolution?

Mehul Patel | Caroline Crocker | Ifeoma Ugonabo | Keith Anderson | James Litzow | Claro Diaz | Michael McDonald | Gregory Fink

Case series of Watchman FLX leaks and innovative closure methods

Chandralekha Ashangari | Rodney Horton | Senthil Thambidorai

Left leaflet BASILICA in an 82-year-old lady with multiple comorbidities and on long-term steroids with 2-years follow up

Mehul Patel | Erin Ortiz | Maureen Smithers | Keith Anderson | Michael McDonald | Gregory Fink

Preclinical assessment of a novel line of left atrial decompression catheters designed for use in pediatric venoarterial ECMO support

Ernesto Mejia | Emily Kish | Jeff Zampi | Martin Bocks


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