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June 27, 2018
Frankfurt, Germany

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June 27 – 30, 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany
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Atrial septal defect closure
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Abstracts of CSI Frankfurt 2017

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See below the abstracts of CSI Frankfurt 2017.

A Septal defects


Percutaneous closure of ventricular septal defects in 92 patients: early and midterm results / Khalfan Al Senaidi / Salim Al Maskari / R Suresh Kumar / Eapen Thomas / Boris Dimitri / Abdullah Al Farqani Download PDF


Short, intermediate and long term follow up of device closure of atrial septal defect (secundum) cases: fifteen years experience with special reference to complications / Nurun Nahar Fatema Begum Download PDF


Reduction of radiation exposure in transcatheter atrial septal defect closure: how low should we go? / Sitefane Fidelio / Malekzadeh-Milani Sophie / Ladouceur Magalie / Villemain Olivier / Younes Boudjemline Download PDF


Midterm follow-up results of transcatheter interatrial septal defect closure / Mehdi Ghaderian / Mohammad Reza Sabri / Ali Reza Ahmadi Download PDF


Successful catheter teatment by preoperative simulation using 3D organ model for atrial septal defect with dextrocardia and interrupted inferior vena cava to the superior vena cava / Masao Imai / Toshiaki Toyota / Masaharu Yoshida / Naritatsu Saito / Takeshi Kimura Download PDF


Rare cause of difficult device retrieval of an embolized atrial septal occluder using the double snare technique / Jung-Sun Kim / Jung-Sun Kim / Jae Young Choi Download PDF


Prevalence and significance of right-to-left shunt in adult patients with atrial septal defect / Koji Nakagawa / Teiji Akagi / Yoichi Takaya / Hiroshi Ito Download PDF


Plug the VSD-channel despite septal patches and non-trivial anatomy / Christian Schach / Diane Bitzinger / Christof Schmid / Peter Evert / Christoph Birner / Kurt Debl Download PDF


Functional tricuspid regurgitation after transcatheter closure of atrial septal defect in adult patients: long-term follow-up / Yoichi Takaya / Teiji Akagi / Koji Nakagawa / Hiroshi Ito Download PDF


Transcatheter closure of patent foramen ovale (PFO) in children - Summary of 10 years of experience in one center / Sebastian Ciemny Download PDF


Assessment of ventricular function in patients of atrial septal defect by strain imaging before and after correction / R Suresh Kumar Download PDF


Esophageal hematoma following attempt of atrial septal defect closure: a case report / Feridoun Noohi / Bahram Mohebbi / Hosseinali Bassiri / Ahmad Mohebi / Seifollah Abdi / Hamidreaz Pouraliakbar / Mohammad Javad Alemzadeh-Ansari Download PDF


Use of Alteplase for intracardiac thrombus during ASD closure / Maximiliano Otero Lacoste / Luis Luciano / Leandro Waldrich / Roberto Léo da Silva / Luiz Eduardo Koenig São Thiago / Luiz Carlos Giuliano Download PDF


Successful repair of anomalous pulmonary venous connection by catheter intervention / Sedigheh Saedi / Ata Firouzi Download PDF


Cardiac rupture after ASD device closure / Sedigheh Saedi / Hamid Reza Sanati / Bahram Mohebbi Download PDF


Percutaneous creation of atrial septal defect (ASD)  for left atrial decompression in patients with severe ventricular dysfunction in ECMO / Justo Jose Santiago Peña / Juan Gallego / Javier Castro / Leonardo Blanco / Alvaro Duran / Leonardo Salazar / Igor Donis Download PDF


Use of Occlutech muscular VSD occluder in congenital cardiac defects / Keyhan Sayadpour Zanjani / Ehsan Aghaei Moghadam Download PDF


Preliminary safety and closure performance from REDUCE - A randomized PFO closure trial / Lars Sondergaard / Scott E Kasner / John F Rhodes / Lars Thomassen Download PDF


Estimation of size of ASD closure device / Vaibhavi Sonetha / Jayesh Bellare / Bharat Dalvi Download PDF


Short and intermediate term safety and efficacy of percutaneous device closure for secundum atrial septal defects using Occlutech Figulla ® Occluder N / Khaled Refaat Abd El Meguid / Yasser Abd El Hady / Mohamed Medhat Zaki Download PDF


Transcatheter occlusion of sinus venous atrial septal defect - New therapeutic option? / Francisco Chamie / Renata Pretti / Maximiliano Otero Lacoste Download PDF


Double snare technique for retrieval of nitinol wire mesh devices / Jae Young Choi / Se Yong Jung / Jung-Sun Kim / Ki Hyun Byun / Teiji Akagi Download PDF


Is younger the better for remodeling for left atrium and ventricle with transcatheter ASD closure in adult patients regardless of diastolic dysfunction? / Lucy Eun / Jae Young Choi / Young Won Yoon / Jae Young Choi Download PDF


Atrial septal defect closure (ASD and PFO) without fluoroscopy in both paediatric and adult patients – 17 years of experience / Stephan Schubert / Johannes Nordmeyer / Sven Weber / Björn Peters / Felix Berger Download PDF


Transcatheter device closure of doubly committed ventricular septal defects / Gemma Penford / Tran Cong Bao Phung / Do Nguyen Tin / Le Trong Phi Download PDF


Transcatheter reconstruction of subaortic ridge with closure of perimembranous subaortic VSD with or without AR / Hussein Abdulwahab M. Abdullah / Hussein Abdulzahra Download PDF

B Pulmonary circulation


Single center experience of pulmonary vein stenoses in pediatric patients / Mashail Binobaidan Download PDF


Y-stenting in complex pulmonary artery bifurcation stenosis / Maartje Conijn / Gregor Krings / Mirella Molenschot / Hans Breur Download PDF


Acute and long-term efficacy of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty using a peripheral cutting balloon and an ultra high-pressure balloon for peripheral artery stenosis / Kazuto Fujimoto / Masataka Kitano / Masanori Tsukada / Shiraishi Isao Download PDF


Primary pulmonary choriocarcinoma mimicking chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: case report / Nayeli Zayas / Claudia Guillen Lopez / Rodrigo Zebadua / Andrea Hernandez / Tomás Pulido Zamudio Download PDF

C Valves


A new technique for one-step procedure in pulmonary valve implantation using Melody valve: simultaneous prestenting and Melody valve implantation / Younes Boudjemline Download PDF


Balloon dilatation of critical aortic stenosis through ECMO cannula in a neonate / Christoph Happel / Sebastian Tietge / Philipp Beerbaum Download PDF


A feasibility study of new self-expandable percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation using knitted nitinol-wire stent mounted with a tri-leaflet porcine pericardial valve / Jung-Sun Kim / Mi-Kyung Song / Eun Jung Bae / Chung Il Noh Download PDF


Accumulated force on sheath dilator caused catastrophic event during paravalvular leakage closure  after TAVR with tortuous aorta / Hidehiko Hara Download PDF


Percutaneous treatment of severe paravalvular regurgitation after Portico transcatheter aortic valve implantation  / Ana Lopez-Suarez / Ana Manovel / Rosa Cardenal / Jose F. Diaz Fernandez Download PDF


Acute degree aorto/mitral angle is a predictor of left ventricle perforation in transcatheter aortic valve replacement / Tamer Owais / Jürgen Fuchs / Mohammad El Garhy / Kushtrim Disha / Evaldas Girdauskas / Martin Breuer / Andreas Wagner / Mathias Schreiber / Bernward Lauer / Thomas Kuntze Download PDF


Successful valve in valve TAVI in pregnancy for severe degenerative bioprosthetic aortic valve stenosis / Javier Ganame / Sumeet Gandhi / Richard Whitlock / Victor Chu / Madhu Natarajan / James Velianou Download PDF


Dramatic reversal of ischaemia induced by coronary obstruction due to TAVI skirt by stenting into an angiographically normal coronary artery: when you have to trust the TOE rather than the angiogram / Sandeep Hothi / Jeffrey Khoo / Johan Bence / David Adlam / Giovanni Mariscalco / Derek Chin / Jan Kovac Download PDF


Multivalvular heart disease: when transcatheter valve therapy becomes a solution / Laurent Jamart / Guédès Antoine Download PDF


Efficacy of intracardiac echocardiography during transcatheter aortic valve implantation: preparation to the local anethesia era in Japan / Akihisa Kataoka / Miho Mitsui / Yusuke Watanabe / Tadanori Harada / Yugo Nara / Fukuko Nagura / Hideyuki Kawashima / Hirofumi Hioki / Yasutaka Nakashima / Kumiko Konno / Taku Yokoyama / Tomoki Shimokawa / Ken Kozuma Download PDF


A case of multi-plugging for mitral mechanical paravalvular leakage using echo-navigator / Kwan Yong Lee / Woo-Baek Chung / Yeon Su Kang / Kwan Yong Lee / Byung-Hee Hwang / Jae Young Choi / Jung-Sun Kim / Doo Soo Jeon / Se Yong Jung / Ho-Joong Youn / Kiyuk Chang, Chang / Yoon-Seok Koh Download PDF


Sheathless transcatheter aortic valve implantation with a self-expandable prosthesis / Fang Liu / Jieh-Neng Wang Download PDF


Difficulties to enter into the left ventricle during percutaneous transvenous mitral commissurotomy (PTMC) - Our experiences with 50 challenging cases / Abdul Momen / Mir Jamal Uddin / Sabina Hashem / Naharuma Aive Hyder Chowdhury / Md. Humayun Kabir / Md. Monsurul Haque / Reaz Mahmud Huda / Farzana Sultana Download PDF


PTMC in a dextrocardia patient - First case report from Bangladesh: innovative technique to cross the difficulties / Abdul Momen / Uddin Mir Jamal / Hashem Sabina / Sakif Shahrier / Naharuma Aive Hyder Chowdhury Download PDF


Paravalvular leak closure under intracardiac echocardiographic guidance / Neil Ruparelia / Jacob Cao / James Newton / Neil Wilson / Matthew Daniels / Oliver Ormerod Download PDF


Toolbox - Silmultaneous double transseptal access for Cardioband-/and MitraClip implantation for treatment of severe functional mitral regurgitation / Ulrich Schäfer / Lenard Conradi / Johannes Schirmer / Florian Deuschl Download PDF


Percutaneous interventional treatment of tricuspid bioprosthetic dysfunction: 5 year experience at the National Institute of Cardiology “Ignacio Chavez” in Mexico City, Mexico / Adrian Valdespino-Trejo / Eduardo Arias / Marco Alejandro Solorzano-Vazquez / Felix Damas De los Santos / Marco Antonio Peña-Duque Download PDF


Novel transradial device for intra-aortic embolic deflection during transcatheter aortic valve implantation / Joeri van Puyvelde / Filip Rega / Renu Virmani / Frank D. Kolodgie / Darren Mylotte / Victor Jiménez Download PDF


Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in a patient with rheumatic aortic stenosis / Tian-Yuan Xiong / Yuan Feng / Zexin Chen Download PDF


Successful transferal TAVI under local anesthesia for a patients with severe stenosis of bilateral iliac and severe interstitial pneumonia / Mariko Yano / Mizuki Miura / Hiroshi Ito / Naoki Kawaguchi / Takashi Morinaga / Masaomi Hayashi / Akihiro Isotani / Shinichi Kakumoto / Yoshio Arai / Shirai Shinichi / Michiya Hanyu / Kenji Ando Download PDF


Vascular plug occlusion of mitral paravalvular leak in a case of double valve replacement / Parag Barwad / Ashish Tiwari Download PDF


Looping against TAVI leaks - The hidden hook / Pablo Bazal / Roman Lezaun / Adela Navarro / Elena Escribano / Maite Beunza Download PDF


A friendly tie on a hard TAVI / Pablo Bazal / Roman Lezaun / Adela Navarro / Elena Escribano Download PDF


A black percutaneous coronary intervention and transcatheter aortic valve implantation / Chiara Bernelli / Simona Pierini / Maurizio Giovanni Ornaghi / Francesco Gentile Download PDF


3D guidance of percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation (PPVI) with the use of VesselNavigator / Stephan Schubert / Titus Kuehne / Pawel Dryzek / Tomasz Moszura / Maciej Lukaszewski / Jadwiga Anna Moll / Johannes Nordmeyer / Felix Berger / Sebastian Goreczny Download PDF

D Coarctation and ducts


Hybrid approach to recoarctation of the aorta in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome after the Norwood procedure / Tomasz Mroczek / Magdalena Czerzynska / Jacek Kuzma / Julita Sacharczuk / Rafal Zurek / Elzbieta Wojcik / Jerzy Jarosz / Janusz Skalski Download PDF


Transthoracic echocardiography guidance perctaneous PDA closure in pediatric population / Mashail Binobaidan Download PDF


Experiences with transcatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus in premature infants weighting less than 2 kilograms / Jieh-Neng Wang / Xiaoping Lin / Min-Ling Hsieh / Jing-Ming Wu Download PDF


Device induced coarctation post PDA closure  / Sherien Abdelsalam Mohamed / Hassan Almeneisi Download PDF


Patent ductus arteriosus. It is never too late to close it. / Miriam Jimenez / Vicente Alcalde / Joaquín Sánchez / Juan Caballero / Eduardo Moreno Escobar / Jose Antonio Romero / Jose Antonio Ramirez / Gerardo Moreno / Eduardo Molina Download PDF


Treatment of takayasu arteritis with self-expandable stent / Majed Kanaan / Marinos Kantzis / Eugen Sandica / Deniz Kececioglu Download PDF


Coarctation angioplasty and stenting in a complicated case / Zahra Khajali / Ata Firoozi / Hamid Reza Sanati / Bahram Mohebbi Download PDF


Self-expandable stent for repairing coarctation of the left-circumferential aortic arch with right-sided descending aorta and aberrant right subclavian artery with Kommerell's diverticulum / Hamid Reza Sanati / Bahram Mohebbi / Zahra Khajali / Hamidreaz Pouraliakbar / Ata Firoozi / Sedigheh Saedi / Mohammad Javad Alemzadeh-Ansari Download PDF


Transcatheter closure of post-coartaction aneurysm with device occlusion of the ascending and descending aorta in a patient with an extra-anatomic bypass / Angel Sanchez-Recalde / Federico Gutiérre Larraya / Gonzalo Garzón / Enrique Balbacid / Cesar Abelleira / Guillermo Galeote / Santiago Jimenez-Valero / Raúl Moreno Gómez Download PDF


Initial clinical results with the new BeGraft aortic covered stent in coarctation of the aorta / Elchanan Bruckheimer Download PDF


PDA occlusion: comparison between two new generation nitinol devices / Francisco Chamie / Renata Pretti / Valerio Fuks Download PDF

E Various topics


First report of transcatheter closure of ruptured sinus of valsalva aneurysm using the Nit-Occlud Lê VSD occluder / Lidia Wozniak / Robert Sabiniewicz / Piotr Potaż / Maksymilian Mielczarek / Dariusz Ciećwierz Download PDF


The use of vascular detachable coil for percutaneous closure of iatrogenic aorto-right atrial fistula / Maksymilian Mielczarek / Robert Sabiniewicz / Tomasz Królak / Lidia Wozniak-Mielczarek / Dariusz Ciecwierz Download PDF


Interventional treatment of a giant carotid artery aneurysm with a Sinus DS ductus stent in a two years old child - Is future stent cracking an option? / Anja Lehner / Silvia Fernandez Rodriguez / Sarah Ulrich / Fischer Markus / Robert Dalla Pozza / Nikolaus Haas Download PDF


"Outcomes of modified blalock-taussig shunts performed in the neonatal period; A single centre experience " / Daniel McLennan / Jonathan Mervis Download PDF


Expanded use of alternate routes of vascular access: A movement toward performing more complex interventions in younger children / Alejandro Rodriguez Ogando / Fernando Ballesteros / Juan Caballero / Ana Pita / Adolfo Sobrino / José Luis Zunzunegui Download PDF


Atrial septal stent implantation for the management of congenital heart disease in infants / Adolfo Sobrino / Alejandro Rodriguez Ogando / Fernando Ballesteros / Jose F. Diaz Fernandez / Nuria Gil Villanueva / José Luis Zunzunegui Download PDF


Complications I wish I had never seen / Sherien Abdelsalam Mohamed / Susy Kotit / Hassan Almeneisi Download PDF


Aortopulmonary fistula closure in infant / Dmitriy Korzh / Ivan Tkachev Download PDF


The feasibility of left atrial appendage occlusion in patients with left atrial appendage thrombus / Kwan Yong Lee / Jung-Sun Kim / Hui-Nam Pak / Cheol-Woong Yu / Kwan Yong Lee / Yeon Su Kang / Eun-Seok Shin / Jae Young Choi / Do-Sun Lim / Yangsoo Jang Download PDF


Successful treatment of primary racemose hemangioma of the bronchial artery using expandable hydrogel polymer coil / Tomohito Kogure / Hisashi Sugiyama Download PDF


Clinical profiles in ischemic stroke patients with cardiac embolism - Comparison to lacunar and atherosclerotic infarction / Yuki Matsumoto / Yoshihiro Morino Download PDF


Assessment of the size and function of left atrial appendage is useful for detection of cardiogenic embolization in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation / Go Hashimoto / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD / Makoto Suzuki MD Download PDF


Percutaneous coronary artery interventions in the pediatric population: acute and late procedural outcomes / Zakaria Jalal Download PDF


A rare case of anomalous pulmonary and systemic venous drainage / Susy Kotit Download PDF


Preserved left ventricular function and yet contraindicated for arterial switch operation / Susy Kotit Download PDF


Unusual complication of fontan circulation - Successful percutaneous closure of fistula between extracardiac tunnel and coronary sinus / Jacek Kusa / Pawel Czesniewicz / Ras Malgorzata / Magdalena Slupska Download PDF


Use of Medtronic MVP®️Micro vascularplug system in children: indications and results / Sophie Guiti Malekzadeh Milani / Boudjemline Younes / Sitefane Fidelio Download PDF


Successful stent-retriever thrombectomy for acute cerebral embolization after transcatheter aortic valve implantation / Mizuki Miura / Shinichi Shirai / Katsumi Inoue / Masaomi Hayashi / Kenji Ando Download PDF


Innovative axial-flow ventricular assist device (VAD) with magnetically levitated rotor and wireless power receiver designed for minimally invasive intervention / Alexandru Plesoianu / Alexandru Plesoianu / Grigore Tinica Download PDF


Baloon angioplasty and stent implantation in SVC in pediatric patients / Antonio Sanchez Andres / Eduardo Molina / Gerardo Moreno Download PDF


Left atrial appendage occlusion versus standard therapy after dual-antiplatelet period in Chinese patients undergone PCI with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: a single center retrospective case-control analysis / Chak Yu So / Gary Cheung / Anna, KY Chan / Bryan, PY Yan Download PDF


Left atrial appendage occlusion before completion of DAPT versus combined antithrombotic therapy in Chinese patients undergone PCI with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: a single center retrospective case-control analysis / Chak Yu So / Gary Cheung / Anna, KY Chan / Kwan Yong Lee / Bryan, PY Yan Download PDF


Efficacy and safety of catheter perforation for Fontan rout / Hisashi Sugiyama Download PDF


Cardiac resynchronization therapy in a patient with congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries / Hiroshi Takiguchi / Tetsko Ishii / Yasuyuki Sugishita / Hiroshi Ito / Hiroshi Yamashita Download PDF


Complex congenital heart disease, atrial flutter ablation via right internal jugular access and atrial lead pacemaker implant in the juxtaposed right atrial appendage / Shailendra Upadhyay / Olga Toro-Salazar Download PDF


Blockbuster balloon bombshell / Jenny Zablah / Gareth Morgan / Michael Ross / Neil Wilson Download PDF


Comprehensive assessment of coronary artery compression during transcatheter pulmonary valve placement: the role of dynamic projection coronary artery assessment / Jenny Zablah / Michael Ross / Gareth Morgan / Joseph Kay / Neil Wilson / Thomas Fagan Download PDF


A case of successful endovascular treatment of acute BT-shunt thrombosis / Eyvaz Abbasov Download PDF


Should ventricular shaping be considered superior to ventricular volume reduction for ischemic left ventricular failure? / Mohammad Ansari Download PDF


True to false lumen implantation of endovascular graft in type B aortic dissection, rescued by puncturing the false lumen with Brockenbrough needle and implantation of another graft overlapping the first / Pavan Rasalkar / Shaadab Ahmed Mohammed / Anand Mishra / Parag Barwad Download PDF


Ischemic stroke in young adults with closed foramen ovale / Francisco Chamie / Renata Pretti / Maximiliano Otero Lacoste Download PDF


Use of blade balloon (“cutting balloon”) in patients with congenital heart disease / Majed Kanaan / Johannes Nordmeyer / Felix Berger Download PDF

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